Case Study

Breaking Down Barriers to Progress

Canady for Missouri • 2020

Determined to make her vision for a better Missouri a reality, former Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor and Kansas City Council member Alissia Canady partnered with Manhattan Strategies to support her campaign for Lieutenant Governor. 

Beginning with the official announcement of her candidacy in April, Manhattan Strategies led a multi-faceted digital strategy driven by a mix of new-age dynamic content. In August, Canady was named the official nominee for the Democratic party and received more votes than the incumbent Lieutenant Governor.

Building on its success in the primary, Manhattan Strategies spearheaded campaign communication in the general election. From website development to paid social ads, weekly press releases, campaign emails and social media management, Manhattan Strategies expanded touchpoint opportunities for fundraising and press, while reaching target voters across the state.

Canady earned the endorsement of the Kansas City Star and more than three dozen state and national organizations, breaking down barriers to progress for future statewide candidates in Missouri and beyond.