Unlock the story
your data is telling.

Derive insights from large, seemingly disconnected data sets.

Data is a precious commodity. Gathering datasets for analysis can be challenging, but is now more than ever crucial to make informed decisions. Manhattan Strategies uncovers value through data analytics on the metrics that matter the most to performance management.

Our team transforms datasets to generate actionable insights by guiding you through the process of strategically thinking about how to use your data, elevating your organization’s performance through the lens of a dashboard that connects your data. 

Equip your organization with
infrastructure that enables
real-time, continuous intelligence

Static periodic reports tell only part of the story. Whether you need to drill down deeper into reports or need access to the most up to date information, Quant transforms your reporting infrastructure to be dynamic and real-time.

Leveraging experience navigating C-suites and key decision makers, Quant equips your organization with tools that distill complex analysis into an easily understandable format. Measure performance in real-time and streamline your reporting processes.



Through student and stakeholder data analysis, Quant offers solutions to help your organization have a lasting impact on students. Our scalable solutions identify strengths and opportunities to improve the quality of education that is delivered. Discover the results your organization is achieving and how to take performance to the next level.

Nonprofit Organizations


Achieving your mission requires executing an effective strategy. Quant provides specialized support to help your organization achieve its long-term goals. From financial management to stakeholder analysis, our team serves as your trusted advisor to overcome some of today's most pressing challenges.

Advocacy Campaign

Advocacy Campaigns

In concert with Quant's multi-faceted approach to campaigns, elevate your storytelling by incorporating data-driven insights to achieve strategic objectives. Our analytical approach maximizes audience engagement to ensure resources are deployed effectively.


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Financial Modeling

Resource Management / Proformas / Scenario Analysis

Optimize your organization’s finances by uncovering the drivers behind your profitability. Our team’s expertise is derived from Wall Street investment banking and corporate finance for organizations large and small. Manage your financial resources with precision and plan for future growth with financial projections and scenario analysis.

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Media Monitoring

Live Tracking and Reporting / >Engagement Analysis / Social Impact Measurement

Maximize your messaging impact and media spend through our monitoring capabilities. We can help you reach your audiences more effectively through digital and print content. We conduct analysis on websites, social media and mobile devices to optimize ad spend across content creative and media platforms.

Young businesswoman smiling during a monitor presentation with their manager inside of a glass office boardroom

Data Storytelling

Dashboard Development / Communicating with Data / Data Visualization

Behind every data set is story to be told. Uncover trends and meaningful insights from any data set. Our team has experience cleaning raw data sets for analysis. Utilizing our analysis, your organization can communicate more effectively with stakeholders by creating the visuals that make a difference in the story being told.

Discrete Intelligence

Discrete Intelligence

Polling / Survey Strategy / Issue and Target Vetting